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Municipal Engineering - Capital Improvements

We provide consulting engineering for the design and project management of a variety of civil and structural type projects that serves municipalities.  

Our services include Capital Improvements such as:

  • Road & Infrastructure Design
  • Park Facilities
  • Project Management
  • Preparation of Capital Budgets
  • Drainage and Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Dredging and channel cleaning projects
  • AutoCAD and GIS capability

Construction & Inspection Monitoring

We have experienced personnel who supervise construction projects to insure that the work that is being performed is consistent with the plan approvals and agreements.  

As part of Construction & Inspection Monitoring we offer:

  • Project Inspection
  • Report Documentation
  • Engineering Review
  • Coordination with Other Departments
  • Soil Erosion Measures

Structural Design and Inspections 

We will evaluate possible structural deficiencies of foundations or framing (residential as well as commercial) including single element or complete buildings, as part of the real estate transaction process.  Our services provide design of various types of retaining walls, including pour in place concrete, modular block and segmental walls for commercial or residential projects.

Our Engineering services include:

  • Performing a structural inspection of a single element or entire building
  • Report Preparation including Description of Structure, Description of Finding, Conclusions and Recommendations with budget repair costs
  • Retaining Wall Design

Municipal Board Support

Spence Engineering provides support at the various Board levels such as Planning or Zoning Boards, to review plans, prepare reports for board member distribution and attend meetings to provide expert testimony during the hearing process.  



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